These shoes weren’t made for walking

Inspired by a fellow newbie to the Everyday Matters group, I’m having a go at some of the weekly challenges. First up is ‘Draw a shoe’. So here is one of mine. I felt it deserved some attention, as it has been languishing in my wardrobe for some considerable time. I believe I wore the pair once. For about an hour. When I have the chauffeur-driven limo to take me from door-to-door, I may revisit these shoes. Don’t hold your breath.


28 thoughts on “These shoes weren’t made for walking

    • Hi Christie – just visited your lovely blog and saw you are interested in labyrinths. I recommend Lauren Artress’ book ‘Walking a sacred path’ if you haven’t already read it. I blogged about the subject (‘A Story’) over on my other blog 🙂

  1. oh wow. i have never had a pair of
    heels that high. ever. i always thought when i
    “grew up” and was a lady…
    i’m 62 and it never happened.
    not the shoes or the growing up 🙂
    beautiful drawing.
    they’re worth having just for that drawing.

    • Hi Sandra – thanks for your lovely feedback. Just taken a look at your ‘mixed bag’ of goodies over on your blog – beautiful work. (Loving the quilts and very envious as I can’t sew a stitch!)

  2. Wow–absolutely beautiful (the shoes and the drawing). I agree–I’m glad you don’t wear them, but they are great for drawing!

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