EDM challenge – something soft

My husband’s old, well-worn, butter-soft, brown leather jacket. I hung it on a hook in the utility room, the place with a) a hook and b) most light in the morning. I had a happy hour or two, sitting amongst the mountains of ironing and listening to the swish of the washing machine churning.

Drawn with Prismacolor pencils on yellowish calligraphy paper. The paper proved totally useless for calligraphy, as the ink bleeds into the fibres. However, it has been re-born as a great surface for coloured pencil.


5 thoughts on “EDM challenge – something soft

  1. this is wonderful – the drawing looks as soft as the leather you describe… and much more usefully creative than wasing and ironing 🙂
    thanks for dropping by for some virtual coffee xx

  2. Wonderful jacket! How funny that the paper for calligraphy proved useless for calligraphy! But I’m glad you’ve found a good purpose for it!

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