EDM challenge – teapot

You know those days? The ink smudged, the colours bled, the lines wobbled, the wash settled into wierd shapes. Really frustrating.

So I left this one, had a cup of tea (the cure for everything) and came back and looked at it later. And there is something in it that I like. Maybe it’s the colours that suggest a perfect day by the sea (my favourite place). Anyway, it creeps in under the wire somehow.

The strange metal sticky-out thing on the teapot is for taking out the loose-leaf tea basket inside the pot. Just in case you haven’t come across this before.


9 thoughts on “EDM challenge – teapot

  1. I like this a lot, but as much as the painting itself, I love your description of the little process you went through with it. I can relate to a lot of the love it/ hate it/ not sure what to think about it feelings with my own work (just to confirm- I think this painting is charming- an indisputable success). And I agree, tea makes everything better (so does cake, but shhh)!

    • Thanks Louise – glad to hear it’s not just me. And as for cake, well I think I’d better test out your theory with some chocolate brownies 🙂

  2. I am a tea fan too… I guess I am more influenced by my dad that I thought =) again, I like the soft touch of your drawing, while still maintaining a lot of realism…lighting and reflection, and the lines on the table cloth were all carefully thought of and drawn

  3. Ink smudging, colors bleeding, lines wobbling, the settling into weird shapes: you’ve just listed everything I like about doing watercolor! Nice job. Welcome to my watercolor world..

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