EDM challenge – draw a telephone

I had lunch with my 19-year old son today. It was a pretty brisk lunch, as he was being timed. He’s working in a call centre at the moment. He’s on a gap year, before starting university in September.

He knows that this job isn’t forever, so retains a healthy sense of humour. I find it a bit sad that departing from the script to actually engage in a conversation with the human being on the other end of the phone is discouraged. He is choosing to ignore the ‘rules’ on this, and is enjoying the occasional bit of banter with the busy business people on his list of targets.

It struck me that in the race to make the numbers, a lot of cold callers forget there is a person on the other end of the conversation. They just plough on through their script (I know, I take many such calls every day). Now I think I understand a little better why it happens.


10 thoughts on “EDM challenge – draw a telephone

  1. Great phone -you got the shading and the shine just right! The small picture looks real! And I love the way your letters fade in and out just like an old typewriter would do. Wonderful.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful son too!

  2. how do you make the surface look sooo shiny?? i’m amazed at the effect 🙂
    wonder if my marker pens can manage the same effect… maybe if you’re using them 🙂 xx

    • Thank you! Funny, I used a photo for reference, and really had to make myself draw what I saw (lights and dark tones rather than what my brain was telling me i.e. this is an all black phone). x

  3. That’s the type of phone I grew up with as well – I don’t think my kids (15 & 16) have even seen one before. Well, maybe in an antique shop – eek!

    You did an amazing job with this; the shadows are just great.

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