Challenge – draw some underwear

This rather demure pair of drawers belongs not to my collection, but that of the Manchester Gallery of Costume. These date from around 1910-1920, and feature in the Gallery’s underwear exhibits (which you can see online).

I was sorely tempted to draw the men’s Marks & Spencer nylon 1972 underpants, but didn’t have my sunglasses to hand. Those psychedelic swirls must surely have caused many a heart to flutter (not to mention a few nasty static shocks).


8 thoughts on “Challenge – draw some underwear

  1. I’d hate to have to wear these, but you did a good job drawing them. 🙂

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. You asked what book on zentangles I’d recommend. I’ve been learning off the web. There are a lot of great sites online, and I’ve seen many books that look like they would be good. I think if I did buy a book, it would probably be “Yoga For The Brain,” but, like I said, there are several good ones out there, so there may be one that you’d like better. 🙂

    • Thanks Sharon and I agree, hallelujah that we don’t have to don these every morning. Thanks too for the book recommendation – I’ll take a look at that.

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