Making a mark

I picked up a journal the other day designed by Jill Bliss. In it she gives various tips on drawing. One of these is to simply make marks, as many different ones as possible, on the page.

I decided to dig out a long neglected calligraphy pen and fill up a page in the sketchbook. I didn’t really plan it, but I like the effect of some of these marks, and will definitely incorporate them into some drawings. (And no, I couldn’t wait for the page to dry, so I have inky hands and quite a few smudges thrown in for good measure there. Patience was never my strong point.)


7 thoughts on “Making a mark

    • Thanks Louise – I hadn’t heard of Jill Bliss until I bought the journal, but I love her style and approach. (Haven’t dared write or draw in the journal yet … feel I don’t want to spoil the pages!)

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