Wild Roses

In the bit of the bank holiday Monday which didn’t rain, I decided to take a break from the assignment I’m writing to get a bit of fresh air. Luckily, I took a camera with me. Just down the little path into the village, I saw so many things to draw.

There’s a field which normally is home to a couple of fairly scraggy sheep (as well as a whole colony of rabbits), and they’d been joined by some very cute brown-splodged breed. I will check out the exact type when I get round to painting them. A little further on, there were buttercups, forget-me-nots, a mountain of winged sycamore seeds and these lovely wild roses. The scent of the roses got my attention. Dragging myself back to the desk was not easy.



8 thoughts on “Wild Roses

  1. I think I am becoming a big fan of your work. =) I simply love how you did the leaves. Of course the flowers are beautiful, but I think the masterful work on the leaves helped bring out the flowers even more.

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