Challenge – draw the last thing you bought

I blame it on the haircut. I went into Manchester and had my hair cut short. Suddenly my earlobes were visible. And bare.

Now, I am magnetically attracted to jewellery, so this provided the perfect reason to go and browse in the Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Except I can never just browse in there. So I came away with this lovely pair of earrings from Studio One. I also spotted about seventeen other items that I instantly added to the wishlist.


7 thoughts on “Challenge – draw the last thing you bought

  1. but just think – not only did you satisfy your lust for jewellery (well, temporarily) you supported another artist, and they became the subject of a sketch plus you get to wear them and have them admired too – can’t be bad! Nice sketch !

  2. I feel naked without my earrings…so this was good reasoning to buy the earrings…can’t have you running the streets naked, can we? Heavens NO.


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