We have had crows nesting in the chimney. They stay a long time and make a chilling noise. Now they are emerging, swaggering and strutting across the garden in gangs. I won’t be sorry to see them go.


18 thoughts on “Crow

  1. Great sketch!
    There are crows nesting in my neighbours’ chimney, I can see them from my bathroom window. I’m not a great fan of them either…

  2. What IS the collective term for more than one crow – could it be a Swagger? If not, maybe it should be?! Actually, I think Gang might be more appropriate. Love the painting.

  3. Great picture (and great colors)!
    I actually like crows (although I know they can be a pest – I once bent down for a second to get my shoe and a crow stole my food from the table!)

    • Thank you – and crows are supposed to be highly intelligent, I’ve read (especially if food is involved) …

  4. I like the watercolor – the way it bleeds, and the lettering. Have you tried painting a male grackle? At first they seem black like a crow, but upon closer observation they have a rainbow of colors in the black. Maybe that is the black bird for you!

  5. I have to say I love them! Entertaining and highly intelligent – they are also tool users so much more in common with us than you might think 🙂 They also tend to live alongside humans – as our population has grown so has theirs…Anyway, very nice drawing (oh and there are several collective nouns for crows

    • Yes, my husband’s uncle used to keep one as a pet apparently. Love the collective nouns info – I’d never heard of some of those before!

  6. I’m an avid birder…love the crows for their resourcefulness, cleverness, intelligence. They come right behind Porpoises and Pigs for intelligence. They are great adapters, the reason they survive, by living close to humans
    where food comes easily as they are opportunistic feeders. Grackles are our “pest” birds…the crows are up north in the state I live in….darn! I’d rather have the crows.

    Your depiction of the crow is very nice…it speaks to me.

  7. i really like the way you’ve incorporated the type and the way you use the watercolor. and of course the subject is right up there among my favorites

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