Challenge – draw a razor

My son arrived home the other day with a fairly radical new haircut. The back was short. Very short.

A few days later, he decided to buy a pair of clippers. He waited until the evening, when I’d had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, to ask if I’d just trim his hair a little. Of course, there is no way to practice first, unless you happen to have a willing horse, dog or sheep in the vicinity. I had none of these handy, so having got the boy to sign a disclaimer, I launched in. Though I say it myself, I didn’t do too badly at all. However, it’s the kind of style that’s going to need the clippers every few days. Probably better without wine, I reckon.


5 thoughts on “Challenge – draw a razor

  1. Boy, you are one brave lady! Nice sketch. You are so meticulous. I was really impressed with the detail – including the border around the work.

  2. So well drawn. The details are awesome on this one, and what I like the most is that you have such creative ways to present things your draw =) The background and the borders are brilliant

  3. You’re very brave! My son came home with his hair very short and just a crest thing on top, needless to say his feet didn’t touch the ground…straight to my hairdresser to get it sorted! I’m waiting for the tattoo next :=0

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