Yesterday I spent a brilliant day painting with artist, Kay Elliott. I’d bought a couple of her cards years ago, and was sifting through the file I keep for inspiration and came across them again. I decided to book a day with her.

The first thing I learnt was that Kay paints on a much larger scale than I have ever dared to. This is partly why her paintings have such impact. Apparently she has to buy her paper (60 x 40 inches) direct from the mill, as no art supplies shops stock it. I saw some of her originals around her lovely home, and they definitely have the wow factor. So I drew the largest sunflower I’ve ever drawn and worked on that through the day. (It’s actually too big to fit in the scanner.)

The second reason that Kay’s style has such impact, is that the colours are really bold, and the style very loose and experimental, with some colour combinations you’d never dream of (but which work).

So I’ve started to work today on a larger scale. I’ve ordered some bigger paper and hopefully you’ll be seeing my style loosening up over time – a great balance for some of the detailed ink drawings I like to do.

This bird of paradise (on Saunders Waterford rough paper, 11 x 15 inches) was so enjoyable to paint I lost all track of time. This afternoon’s to-do list vanished into thin air.


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