The builders are in the process of demolishing my kitchen. To escape some of the noise, dust and general chaos, I have retreated up to my little art room in the loft. Yesterday I finally got the room organised (in contrast to the rest of the house, which has had to absorb the contents of the kitchen for a while). Today I painted, listening to the radio, interrupted only by having to make the odd executive decision about kitchen details. And it was lovely. The painting is based on one of the very first photos I took with my ‘proper’ camera (turned around).

Now for a quick reviving cuppa and an evening of peace and quiet before it all begins again tomorrow bright and early.

This is available as a card and prints from RedBubble.


14 thoughts on “Gerbera

  1. This is lovely. I really like the delicate transitions of color. Well done! And what a wonderful thing to be doing while your kitchen is being redone. nancy

  2. I love Gerbera Daisies and this one is lovely.
    We have been remodeling the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc etc etc and after a while you get used to living within a mess that keeps moving from one spot to another, as new work is accomplished.
    I can sympathize. Keep a positive attitude

    You will love it when the work is completed.

    • Thanks Nancy – yes this project will roll into another and then another … I just keep looking at the final plans to remind myself where we’re heading!

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