Sketchbook poem

I have a book on my shelf about Native American animal medicine cards. I think I was drawn to it originally because of its beautiful illustrations by Angela Werneke. Each of the medicine cards features a totem animal, which is believed to represent a particular quality a person might need at a particular time. Each illustration includes a feather, which I thought so lovely, I would try and emulate Werneke’s style. In the process of drawing, a favourite poem of mine by Emily Dickinson popped into my head. It’s called ‘Hope’.

The theme I’ve chosen for the Sketchbook Project is ‘Along the Line’. I’m taking favourite lines from poems and novels to illustrate. So I guess this was a practice run.

In the process of a MAMMOTH house decluttering session, I re-discovered this little sketchbook. It was as cheap as chips from Ryman, and it takes a watercolour wash in its stride without buckling or disintegrating. I think I have just found my new best friend.


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook poem

  1. This is an excellent idea for the theme for your Sketchbook Project. I look forward to getting a peek at your progress with it once in a while…hint…hint! I am in the process of “trying” to learn about watercolor…so far I am a real pro at “mud”.

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