Challenge – something you don’t see every day

My daughter went to a car boot sale with a friend a couple of years ago. She returned triumphant, having found and bought an old typewriter. The friend’s parents had the unenviable task of helping the girls lift the heaviest typewriter known to man into the boot of their car. Hernias were narrowly avoided. If I could get in the garage, I would go and check the make and take a guess at its year of production. However, the garage is currently home to quite a lot of kitchen bits and pieces, as well as a couple of workmen who are sawing things in a dangerous fashion (just until 4 pm, you understand). So, rather than risk anyone losing a limb, I thought I’d draw from a photo.

I discovered Mr Martin’s splendid website. Mr Martin collects vintage typewriters (amongst other things), and has put together an astonishing virtual museum, organised by brand and by decade. As someone who learnt to type on a manual typewriter, and sold some of the first IBM PCs, this was a trip down memory lane.

This robust looking Gourland dates from the 1920s, and it is probably the most complicated thing I’ve ever drawn. I forgot to eat lunch I got so engrossed. I think I’ve earned a cup of tea and a lie down.


13 thoughts on “Challenge – something you don’t see every day

  1. Absolutely wonderful! I used to have a couple of huge vintage typewriters. Let them go in a move nearly 15 years ago, sadly. I have a Christmas ornament one though – probably an old Royal. Love your note about forgetting to eat!

  2. Wow, great detail! I’d love an old typewriter (and even more so an old telephone!) but don’t think my other half would be quite so happy about it!

  3. Very nice sketch. I love the details. By the time I learned to type they had electric typewriters but it wasn’t uncommon to see those around also.

  4. A wonderful rendition of a wonderful, old, relic! I have an old typewriter in the closet in my studio that I bought when I was doing mixed media … I wanted authentic old typing to use. I, too, learned on a manual with my teacher (a man!) standing in front of the class clapping his hands and droning on in a monotone things like, “f t f”. I’m so glad I know how to touch type! nancy

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