Into week 4 of the kitchen re-fit. Yesterday, the decorator had painted as much as he could paint by lunchtime, so went off somewhere else. I think it’s the first time I’d had the house to myself since the project began. Reader, I escaped to the shops. And returned with flowers to paint.

I started on these beautiful deep pink lilies and was about to take a break to eat at around 8 pm, when suddenly the power went off. No microwave meal for us, so we went to a nearby pub and had a delicious meal. We got back around 10.30 pm, and like a magnet, the unfinished painting pulled me back up to the loft room. I can’t remember what time I finished, but I know I couldn’t wake up this morning …

I tried painting larger scale again, and managed to squash this picture into the scanner (just).

Gladioli and freesias to follow in the next few days.

Cards and prints are available here.


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