Challenge – draw an envelope

I was just thinking that it was high time I wrote to a friend of mine in Germany, when this envelope popped through the letterbox yesterday morning. When I was 13, I took part in an school exchange scheme. I stayed with a family for three weeks, and luckily got on with my exchange partner, her three brothers and her parents. In fact, we got on so well, that we continued to visit each other for many years. And my parents visited her parents. And vice versa. A few years ago, I took my daughter to stay with the parents. We met up up with my exchange partner who has two kids. My daughter got on with her daughter. And now, my exchange partner’s mum and I keep in touch by letter, swopping news of our families every few months.


9 thoughts on “Challenge – draw an envelope

  1. I’ve kept up with a friend I met in an online quilting chat group. The group disbanded not long after but we kept up with one another through emails and occasional snail mails if we had articles or photos we wanted to share. I got her interested in birding, a passion of mine, now we share that hobby instead of quilting. 3 years ago I met her face to face in Reno, NV where she was visiting her daughter…got on just like we’d been friends for years. Just 2 weeks ago she was in So. Ca. so I met up with her there. She hasn’t had internet service for nearly 3 years so now we carry on our correspondence via snail mail…something that is becoming a lost art. I’ve saved every one of her letters, postcards, articles cut from the paper. This has been an ongoing friendship since 1997. One of those treasures in life.


  2. I do so agree with Sue – a letter coming through the letter box has something that can’t be matched by email! Great sketch of the envelope – I am wondering if you have kept them all…

  3. Love the stamps! This makes me miss getting real post! The one advantage to having moved to another country is that my mum will post occasionally (usually to send me bills still going there, but she’ll always include something nice too!) I used to have lots of people I wrote to when I was little, I suppose email took over! Maybe I need to start posting again!!

  4. Was led here through your freshly pressed post about drawing your favorite sound. Loved that post and love this drawing. You definitely have a gift…there’s something incredibly serene about your paintings.

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