Challenge – draw a map

Here is a guide to the garden of my childhood. We were very lucky to have lots of space. As I have three brothers, we spent a lot of time playing football and cricket. I was always the fielder. Deep fielding was my speciality. Sadly the garden no longer exists. It has been turned into flats and a car park. However, the house still stands – converted into flats. My middle brother knows the builder. He kindly showed us round. We were delighted to recognise some of the original bits of the building. Like the cellar (where we played table tennis), the old staircase and the original stained glass window over what used to be the back door.

What would your map be of?


14 thoughts on “Challenge – draw a map

  1. Lovely map. Can’t remember back that far (just kidding)! Our yard faced a tiny hill (huge to me at the time) with a large tree and sandy pit area. I fractured my color bone sledding down the hill. I captured bumble bees inside jars in the side yard and built a huge snow horse with my brother in the back yard!

  2. What an interesting map! Love how you’ve done it. I had a similar field that we kids played in. There were about 20 of us on the block and it was usually quite busy there, even though not a public park by any means! Love the lettering too.

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