Challenge – draw drawer’s block

This challenge was suggested by Kathy in a comment on a previous post on this blog. It’s the artist’s equivalent of writer’s block. Of course, if you fall victim to this affliction, you can’t actually draw anything. So I didn’t. I made the little gremlin who utters all the poisonous words out of Fimo. I am tempted to squash him now he’s made his appearance.


14 thoughts on “Challenge – draw drawer’s block

  1. I think with all of the challenges that are popping up we shouldn’t have any excuse for not coming up with something creative. Thanks for the stimulus…it’ll probably work much better than the federal government’s.

  2. Oh been there far too many times, lost count really…. I have just been/still am a bit in that rut, and I hate it… little reminder like that is just what I need. Great post!

  3. I want to see him squashed!!

    That inner gremlin has spoken to me too many times to count!

    “You aren’t original.” “so you try to copy someone else’s work..uh, you FAILED!”

    I think I’ll make me a little gremlin too…the squash him and laugh out loud!

    Now! Who’s original!!

  4. Oh I can see how you’d want to squash the gremlin but then again, isn’t that just a physical way of saying no to your own work? Afterall, you made the little guy. Instead stick a halo on his head and tell him he’s such an angel to take those words out of your head for you so you don’t have them anymore!

  5. This page makes me long for a big bucket of gesso to splash over it. Shut up, inner critic! (you can use the left over gesso to drown the fimo gremlin in, problem solved) 😉

  6. Oh yes…this sounds VERY familiar! Especially the television part. You know, I had started drawing again…and drawing A LOT…then all the season premieres started and I’ve slowed to a crawl again. Television is my mortal enemy; I must be strong!

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