All fired up

I like the way that seeing other artists’ work fires you up to create your own. At the ceramics festival yesterday, I spotted this lovely mug in a sale and knew I had to own it. Those of you who know me, will vouch for the fact that I am rarely seen without a mug of tea or coffee in my hand (Lord knows what my insides look like). So mugs and cups are frequent additions to my kitchen cupboard. (This one is by Moorland Pottery, who sell similar items online, usually with reference to the UK’s incredible diversity of regional accents.)

Anyway, it seems that the little teapot on the inside of the mug caught my attention. When I looked at a lot of the photos I took yesterday in the Potteries Museum, I discovered that a large percentage of them were of teapots. Indeed, an alert observer might say I had become a bit teapot-obsessed.

So, today I decided to draw a little selection of the lovely shapes and styles I saw on display. From the 18th century to one produced this year, I love them all. In fact, I’ve decided that there could be no nicer job than creating splendid teapots and mugs, so I am inspired to come up with my own designs. (I won’t let the small matter of getting someone to actually make them bother me at this stage.) Watch this space.


9 thoughts on “All fired up

  1. I love teapots, cups, mugs and jugs toooo!

    They seem to me to be such vessels of love. They heal, nurture and inspire. They make me laugh, feel blessed and filled with admiration. I love the shapes, colours, designs and craftsmanship of them.

    I like old ones that are passed down from one pair of hands to another. I love to imagine who has held this mug before me. What were they feeling, thinking and where were they when they used the cup last!

    I like to thank the vessel for its care and be sorry at its chips, worn golden lip and crazy-paved glaze.

    And I absolutely HATE throwing my favourites out – often using those without handles as holders for pens and cutlery until they are no more.

    I spend time in china and pottery shops the way ‘young things’ browse the designer fashion shops.

    And I wish to pay homage here to the artists who create designs for me to enjoy and love. Thank you!

  2. Nice mug you got! And these are great drawings of teapots! This reminded me of a visit my Mum and myself paid to Svend Bayer, a potter from Sheepwash, Devon. Svend is a friend of our friend from Cornwall, that’s how we all ended up in Devon 🙂 I knew his works from before, but was amazed at being able to see the kiln used in firing the pots and listen to him describe how his work is done. If anybody is interested, I just found this link, where you can see some of Svend’s works:

    Have a great day!

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