A begging bowl

I haven’t painted in a while. This morning, with a to-do list that extends to several pages, I sat down to paint in acrylics. The idea was sparked by a couple of pages in a magazine which included these colours. This kind of idle flicking through magazines usually gives me a starting point. In this case, the colours of the sea, a stone wall and sheep (!) set me off.

The image then led to a book on my shelf by Sue Bender called ‘Everyday Sacred.’ A bowl is the central image of the book.

All I knew about a begging bowl was that each day a monk goes out with his empty bowl in his hands. Whatever is placed in the bowl will be his nourishment for the day.

Interesting thought, no?


6 thoughts on “A begging bowl

  1. I bought ‘Everyday Sacred’ last week, but haven’t started reading it yet. May move it to the top of the stack now. And the sea, stone wall & sheep served you well 🙂

    • I’d love to know what you think when you’ve finished the book, Cat. I’m also curious about a book that Bender references by M.R. Richards.

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