When is a pen not like a pen?

The answer, I’ve discovered over the last couple of days, is when it is a pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.

I’ve been asked to do some illustrations for a website. The style required demanded that I learn to use the pen tool. I’ve just about cracked it now and am drawing all manner of things, but it’s been a steep learning curve.

Anyway, once you start it’s difficult to stop. So I decided to draw one of a bagful of stunning liquidamber leaves, sent by my thoughtful mum-in-law via my husband on his visit to her last weekend. The leaves have been sitting in a zip-locked plastic bag in the fridge, waiting for a drawing opportunity.

So, I drew one in Illustrator.

I thought it might make a good pattern. This is done by eye. I’m going to learn how to do it more accurately on a course run by Rachel Taylor Designs which starts next week – can’t wait.



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