Blue green feathers

Colour was the starting point for this one again for me. That steely blue-grey and the soft sea-green practically mixed themselves on the palette. In the same way that writers find that their characters take on a life of their own, some colours just won’t leave you alone until you’ve got them out of your system and into a painting. (Or into your wardrobe. Or into your house. Or your garden.) Or is that just me?



2 thoughts on “Blue green feathers

  1. I agree. We have recently moved to a new place. I have a new studio which is now filled with the most happy, peaceful, buttery yellow. It is painted on the old cupboards and drawers that are my storage. I have never been able to incorporate the colors that truly express “me” in my creative space so satisfyingly before. I love coming into my studio in the morning. I feel peaceful and alive……and creative.
    Happy day!

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