Fine and dandy

This was sparked by an illustration in an old natural history book. And, I confess, by someone I know. A person who, stylewise, is my polar opposite. I rarely wear pattern (although I love to draw it). I wear simple styles, aiming to get as close to pyjama bottoms and a dressing gown as possible, in terms of comfort. I might go mad and add a pair of silver earrings, but that’s about it for me.

The person I have in mind loves rich patterns. Paisleys, plaids and posies. They then add matching accessories a go-go. I feel like a cavewoman when I go out and about with them.

Hence the peacock in a top hat. (Are you following this?) Such a highly decorated fellow, he still feels the need to add just one more finishing touch. What’s your style – plain or peacock?


11 thoughts on “Fine and dandy

  1. You had me at pyjama bottoms. All I can say is thank goodness I have a job that lets me wear jeans everyday. Terrific illustration. Really great job on the patterns/details, and great hat!

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