Strange inspiration

Inspiration can be found in the oddest places. Today I had some Ryvita crispbreads for my lunch. Mid-mouthful, I suddenly noticed the sunflower seeds on the packaging, and the seed of an idea (sorry) was planted. I’ve been busy getting way out of my comfort zone discovering remote corners of Adobe Illustrator software over the last week or two. But now, having learnt lots of new stuff, I’m really enjoying creating the mix of hand-drawn and digital images.

My proudest moment? The (graphic design student) Daughter asking me how to create something in Illustrator. Oh yes.




8 thoughts on “Strange inspiration

  1. Digital illustration seems to be taking over, but I still prefere the hand drawn pictures – they are so much more hmm… special? unique?

    I understand finding inspiration in everyday life – if you’ve got the artist’s view, you are a lot more sensitive to your surroundings.

    • Thank you – and I took note of your recent ‘freshly pressed’ post on getting away from the computer an hour before sleep: it works!

  2. I am so impressed. A beautiful pattern and design, and on Adobe Illustrator yet!

    I played with Adobe Illustrator for a while – read an entire book on it – designed a few logos, did some drawings. It was tough! Drawing on paper was so much quicker. I enjoyed the program, but gradually stopped, probably since I didn’t have a graphic designer daughter to best! Touche!

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