After the bizarrely named wildflowers of the last post, I was not disappointed by the mushrooms. So many delightful varieties from which to choose. Here you’ll find Orange Peel Fungus, Penny Bun, Yellow Swamp Brittlegill and Shaggy Parasol. But I’d hate to leave out Slippery Jack, Slimy Spike, Scarlet Hood or Snaketongue Truffleclub: all could be characters in a story, I’m sure. I think I’ll be returning to them at some point. Whether they’ll be drawn or written about remains to be seen.


5 thoughts on “Mushrooms

    • Oooh – just looked it up in my book 🙂 The one I’ve got listed is called Devil’s Fingers, a type of stinkhorn apparently. There’s a whole new world of names opening up …

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