Blackbird in a snowstorm

I painted this blackbird first thing this morning, sitting up in my room at the top of the house. Outside, a snowstorm was swirling around the window. The first snow of the winter.

I just looked for a poem about blackbirds, to see if there was anything interesting to link this with. I came across ‘St Kevin and the blackbird’ by Irish poet, Seamus Heaney. If you have time to listen to Heaney reading it, it is lovely (and worth it if only to hear his wonderful soft accent).


3 thoughts on “Blackbird in a snowstorm

  1. i think its wonder, but i enjoyed just reading how you saw the bird , it was eliquit and distriptive and enjoyable, ( just know i sang the virse of paul michartney black bird take these wings and learn to fly)
    you ar a wonderful writer!
    sencerly Sherry (Shesobudha)

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