Dots and stripes

So, how is it going? I haven’t actually time to be drawing feathers decorated with tiny lines and dots, but it’s the only thing that saves my sanity as the Christmas season whirls into full swing. I survive it all with a combination of lists, frequent cups of coffee and escapes into the art room. You?



9 thoughts on “Dots and stripes

  1. This has been unusual Christmas preparation for us…granddaughter who was due to be born on 12/26 was born last night. Our advent season has truly been one of expectant waiting. Love the feathers!

  2. Your christmas holiday of such warmth and cheer, it makes me want to bring a sleeping bag over gigle like school girls, laugh tell we are fat of cookies & buzed on eggnog, play pin the nose on the rain deer and sing christmas carols into the new year.
    Happy Holiday my lady, You are truely a gift of cheer

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