Sweet dreams are made of this

Well this one turned into a bit of a nightmare, if I’m honest. I painted this yesterday evening. I looked at it again this morning and discovered that Sleeping Beauty had a woman’s face and the hand and arm of a six year-old child.

You have no idea how many times I scanned and rescanned this in to adjust that arm. (I can see better where things need fixing in a smaller version on screen than I can in the original.) The arm went from stick to weightlifter and back again in increments. The angle had to change. I took a photo of my own arm (quite a feat, but hallelujah for PhotoBooth on a Mac). I asked The Husband. I asked The Son. Their comments went along the lines of “Yes, it’s not quite right, but I don’t know what needs to change.”

So I’m letting Sleeping Beauty lie. She needs a rest. She’s been through quite enough. Maybe what she really needs is a blanket …


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