Horse mad

I gave up riding when I was about 15. My cousin carried on, and eventually owned her own horse until a couple of years ago.

I had a brief mid-life crisis several years ago and decided I’d like to take riding lessons again. I did pretty well (after the initial shock of finding muscles I didn’t know could hurt so much). Over time, I discovered that the instructors were keen to challenge me, and gave me increasingly perky horses to ride. One had got into the habit of bucking like a bronco every time it was asked to go faster than a trot. I was nominated as the rider to break that habit. I duly stayed on, and in the course of the lesson, the horse learnt to progress seamlessly into a canter, without indulging in the fireworks display in the middle. I was quite proud of myself.

It was not until that evening that I realised falling off might actually have been the better option. In the process of surviving the rodeo, I had injured my neck. This ensured that I couldn’t actually get out of the bath, and was stuck like a beetle on its back, feebly having to call for help. My kids (aged 7 and 9-ish at the time) thought this was the best performance in the comedy category they had ever witnessed.

It took a while to recover. In that time, I reconsidered and came to the conclusion that I couldn’t afford to be out of action with two kids around (however much entertainment I provided). Since then, I’ve admired horses from a safe distance, armed only with a pencil or paintbrush.





8 thoughts on “Horse mad

  1. Oh boy! I can relate to the neck injury – only it is my back. I am a bit older than you are, I assume, as my kids are 30 and 18. I have always been mad about horses and finally owned two of them after years and years of longing. 50 isn’t too old to get your first horse, is it? General back abuse over the years fragmented a disc and I was out of commission and the docs said “no more riding”. Now, we have two beautiful horses in the back yard living the good life and providing lots of photo ops, sloppy kisses, and tons of fun. If you are ever in NH, come on over.

    • Hi Patsy – from your beautiful artwork it looks as if both you and the horses in the back yard are quite content with the way things turned out 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love horses; always have, as you can see if you scroll back a few pages on my art blog. I quit oil painting when my ex-husband said, “Can’t you paint anything but horses?” I finally quit him too and did a few oil paintings again last year, But not of horses. I’m now a landscape person, when I paint at all.

  3. It seems most little girls love horses. I did but never had the opportunity to properly learn to ride…just rode them, likely improperly. Now I just admire them from afar. Beautiful picture!

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