Putting together my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2012. My theme is ‘Along the Line’, with sketches based on lines from favourite poems and novels. You can find out more about the poet, Vicki Feaver, here.

I played safe on this thin paper by sticking to coloured pencil and ballpoint pen so nothing would bleed through onto the other pages. However, I’ve ordered a tub of Daniel Smith’s watercolour ground today. It apparently acts a bit like gesso for acrylics, supposedly creating a surface which resembles watercolour paper to paint on. Has anyone tried this? Does it do what it says on the tin? I’d love to know as it takes 24-72 hours to dry, and I could be sketching rather than waiting if the results are nothing special.


7 thoughts on “Coat

  1. Hi Sue:

    I have tried the Daniel Smith watercolour ground on canvas and was disappointed. It did help the watercolour paints adhere to the canvas, but the paints had a chalky appearance once they dried. I found out afterwards that you can tint the ground – suggestions were yellow or blue – and I think that would help. I know the paper in that Sketchbook is so thin—I ended up using gesso on some of my pages and then painting in acrylic (not my first choice.) Good luck!

      • Hi Sheila – Yes, I tried the product on some thin notepaper. I left the paste for 24 hours to let it dry and then tried some paint on it. At first, it didn’t look too bad, and I quite liked the texture the paste provided. However, when the paint dried, it was very faint and chalky looking, as you found too. I certainly won’t be using it in the sketchbook, and not entirely sure I’ll use it for anything else 😦

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