Roald Dahl

The next page of the Sketchbook Project ‘Along the Line.’ The line comes from Dahl’s story, The Minpins (small people who use birds instead of cars as “they are much nicer and they never crash”).

I recently watched a BBC TV programme called Earth Flight. (Not sure if you can see this episode on BBC iPlayer if you live outside the UK, but here’s the link.) If you like birds, then you would definitely love the series, as the camera work is astonishing. Mini-cameras were attached to various birds, or birds in flight are filmed from a microlight, and the resulting footage is almost like taking a ride on the bird’s back. The Daughter said it reminded her of the book, ‘The Borrowers.’

With that idea in mind, I went rummaging around in the loft this morning, as I knew we had the book somewhere. I found it, and also found the beautifully illustrated collection of Dahl stories I’d forgotten we owned. The Daughter’s home-made bookmark from about 14 years ago was right in the middle of the Minpins story. Happy lunchtime reading, and the story inspired the drawing.


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