Egyptian goose

I met this handsome goose in Hyde Park, London. I love the colours of his feathers, especially that little flash of green, and was very taken by his matching leg and beak combo. He will be featuring in a drawing or painting very soon, along with the heron, greylag goose and assorted other water birds which obligingly posed for photos in St James’ Park.

The biggest surprise to me were the frequent flypasts by vivid green parakeets with turquoise blue tail feathers. There are colonies of them in various parts of the UK, believed to be the descendents of escaped pets. Seemed odd to see such exotic creatures in the trees on a freezing January day.


3 thoughts on “Egyptian goose

  1. The first time I saw this goose I also fall in love. Where I,m living you can see them on many places. They once escaped from a zoo and now they are developing in the wild very quickly.
    So quick that the Government decided they could be killed, because they are no part of the European Law (Because they are from Egypt). And no one let hear a protest, not even the animal movement.
    It,s a hard world being an immigrant!!!

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