The Heron


Nearing the end of the Sketchbook Project now. The drawing is largely based on a bit of video which The Husband took a couple of years ago. I hadn’t seen it until last weekend, as he’d not got around to editing it until now. We were walking in Arnside in Cumbria, and came across a beautiful grey heron. It kindly granted The Husband just enough time to focus the video camera before ‘struggling into its wings’ and heading off. You can read Paul Farley’s poem here. According the the DK book Signs & Symbols, in Ancient Egypt, the heron was seen as a symbol of the morning sun and regeneration.


13 thoughts on “The Heron

  1. Hello Sue,
    I love herons too.
    I was out walking one day when I used to live near the Dales when I saw this wonderful heron. I sat down to watch it when all of a sudden this old lady shouted ‘Are you watching my heron?’ then hit me with her umbrella. ‘He’s all mine’, she said then just walked away. A girl came over and asked if I was OK, and said ‘She does that all the time’.
    Not quite sure why I told you
    Fantastic artwork – this is going to be an amazing sketchbook.

    • Hi Alissa, thanks for taking a look. I waved the little book a fond farewell yesterday, and I am missing the deadlines to force me to finish a page each day. I think I might find myself a different theme and work in the same way – the project was a really useful exercise for that reason.

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