Coffee spoons


These particular spoons do indeed measure out my life. The one at the top is a christening spoon (the precise purpose of which, it seems, is to be stored in a blue silk-lined box and moved around from house to house). The one at the bottom is the type I currently use on a daily basis. There is something both comforting and chilling about Eliot’s line. The daily routine can easily turn into a dull as ditchwater existence. But, having only recently got back into the coffee-drinking ritual, I’d be loathe to lose it now.


5 thoughts on “Coffee spoons

  1. Thanks all for your feedback. I’m sure working in a different medium is a good thing – I’ve really rediscovered how enjoyable it is to work in pencil again. Makes me wonder if I should revisit other stuff I have stashed away, like acrylic paints and pastels.

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