And the winner is …

Oooh it feels like the Oscars … I feel I should have dressed up a bit more (but fortunately, you can’t see me …).

I put the names of the people who left comments on this post into the bowl to win an illustration of their favourite foods.

The name I picked out was this one:

I look forward to cooking up your favourite foods for you, Roberta. If you could send me an email ( listing your favourite foods, whether you prefer watercolour or digital colour and a mailing address, I’ll get to work!

Thanks to all who left comments 🙂


4 thoughts on “And the winner is …

  1. darn! how did i miss this amazing giveaway?? 😦
    roberta’s one lucky lady 🙂
    and i’m so glad you choose the old-fashioned way – like me! – and thank you for your comment on yesterday’s post…
    have a lovely weekend xx

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