Pastel pot

Two reasons for today’s picture. One is that I brought home this rather squat, sturdy jug from my pottery class last night. It’s the first thing I’ve made, handbuilt and glazed in a matte oatmeal colour. It’s no beauty, but I am delighted with it because a) things can only get better and b) it didn’t collapse, explode, stick to the kiln shelf or otherwise fail to survive.

The second reason is that a delightful package arrived yesterday morning containing these lovelies:


I have been dying to try them out, so the new piece of pottery provided a good excuse. I love the way you can blend these on the paper, and the incredible richness of the colours. (I was quite restrained in this first drawing, but let’s see how it goes.)


2 thoughts on “Pastel pot

  1. I haven’t worked with pastels in so long……I should say that pastels worked me. That is a tough medium. The softness of your work is beautiful. All those pretty hiss’s I am looking forward to your next piece!

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