Following on from yesterday’s post, where the focus was on the importance of play and experimentation in creativity, I made a mandala (sort of). Traditionally, a mandala has some kind of symmetry in the division of the circle into quarters and/or concentric rings. Mine was a bit more free flow, inspired in part by some wonderful pictures I’d seen during the week of art created by footsteps in the snow. I also recognised that my experience of walking a labyrinth is in there too. I added the lines from T S Eliot’s poem, Little Gidding afterwards.

If you want to make a mandala, the idea is you draw a circle and divide it up into four or more sections. You then start in the centre with some kind of shape, and build on that shape by drawing from the centre out towards the edge of the circle. The more elaborate and detailed your shapes, the longer the meditative process lasts. Apparently, some people work for weeks on a single mandala.


2 thoughts on “Mandala

  1. this same quote appears around a spiral in the top left-hand corner of THE painting which hangs over our mantel… my dad commissioned it from a local artist for my 40th a few years ago…
    i love your rendition of it 🙂

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