Mrs B’s Guide to Manchester

I have been hankering after drawing a map for a while now, having seen some beautiful illustrations here and there. Not being the most geographically gifted person in the world, it was going to be a challenge. So I decided to have a go on my return from Manchester yesterday afternoon. I christened a new  sketchbook with a highly selective and simplified version of the city centre, choosing some of my favourite haunts. I realised in the process that I’d had to miss out on all the eateries that I love to go to, so maybe that could be a whole new project, with food reviews for each. I think I could warm to this theme actually.

As you might be able to read in the text, I’m planning to make this sketchbook a daily journal for the next 30 days. In that time, I have a couple of trips lined up – to the Lake District and to Barcelona – so it made sense to capture those places, as well as to notice what I notice in the everyday days in between.


3 thoughts on “Mrs B’s Guide to Manchester

    • Hi – not sure what the problem is. I’m getting comments, so some people are able to see the image. I’ve checked and it’s within the maximum pixel limits. Apologies and I’ll see if there is any advice from WordPress.

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