Eagle Crag

We have been in the Lake District for the past few days. We got extremely lucky with the weather. It has been (and still is) amazingly warm and sunny. The rainproof jackets we’d taken never made it outside the car. So, we’ve been starting the day with a major breakfast (I really should have sketched one, but my appetite got the better of me), and then heading out to walk for a few hours. Such beautiful countryside, and so quiet, apart from the birdsong. Sadly, no eagles any more on Eagle Crag, but it’s a pretty imposing place, even without them.


3 thoughts on “Eagle Crag

  1. Yes Sue, you really did pick the right time to go – it is fantastic down here too (Portland, Dorset). I used to live in Yorkshire and went to the Lakes a lot – if I wasn’t there I would be at the Dales. So far to go now 😦
    But I have to go up to Yorkshire quite often and try and get around and see as much as possible (when I’m feeling well enough).
    Lovely blogsite again Sue.

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