Challenge – draw your hand

From a photo I took of my hand. I have to admit, I’d not been too keen on attempting this challenge (from the Everyday Matters group on, as hands are notoriously difficult to draw. However, I felt inspired to try by seeing Picasso’s drawings of hands in the museum of his work in Barcelona last weekend. I suspect hands are just something you have to practise over and over.

(Luckily from this angle, you can’t see my ridiculously sticky-out wrist bone. You wouldn’t have believed it if I’d drawn it accurately.)


7 thoughts on “Challenge – draw your hand

  1. Hello Sue,
    Great drawing of your hand Sue. You were very brave to attempt it. And you have done so well. Why are hands so hard to draw…what is it that makes them SO difficult? Surely they are just shapes like anything else. That is what I try to think when I draw hands.
    Great blog Sue!

  2. I think hands seem hard because it’s difficult to separate out our feelings about them from what they actually look like as objects. But they’re just things like anything else! I had a wonderful art teacher who used to say nothing is harder to draw than anything else, you just have to learn to see it! true, but hard to do.

    Your drawing is very good — funny how we put things off then when we do them, they look perfectly excellent!

  3. What a good idea, to take a photograph of your hand! I have only ever tried to keep my left hand still to draw it with my right hand, Duh!
    Anyway, you have made a great job of this difficult task.

  4. It’s very well done! It has to be from a photo – otherwise you would be drawing the hand that doesn’t have the pen in it!! It’s a lovely drawing, and I like the framing you made for it!

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