Accidental drawing

I couldn’t decide what to draw today, so I flicked through a favourite book I picked up second-hand for inspiration. Sure enough, the first entry in the drawing techniques section was ‘Accidental Drawing’.

Apparently, the Surrealists back in the 1930s explored this idea of using chance and accident to create new images. You simply hold the drawing paper over a lit candle flame (taking care of course not to set the paper alight). The smoke creates carbon marks on the paper. You spray the marks with charcoal fixative and then take a look at the marks to see what shape they might suggest to you. You draw (in my case with a dip pen and sepia ink), incorporating the smoky shapes.

Spookily, as I brought the drawing downstairs to scan, The Son arrived, bearing flowers. I must draw like this more often …


2 thoughts on “Accidental drawing

  1. This is such a fun painting. As for the son showing up with flowers, perhaps your next smoky start should end up with a painting of world peace. No pressure!!!!


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