Blue, orange and lemon

I had fun this morning, searching for props for a still life. It’s a bit like an indoor treasure hunt. Except in this case, one piece of ‘treasure’ was found just outside the door in the form of the pale yellow flowers (laburnum, I believe). I thought the graceful arch of the branch was just lovely.

Available to purchase as cards and prints here.


4 thoughts on “Blue, orange and lemon

  1. Wow! Your season is much further on than ours up here in sunny Scotland. It looks like a plant that starts with a L I think? and possibly poisonous? We have some of it in our hedge. Is it lobelia? i love the moving line in the composition.

      • oooo, what a name! I guess you’d not forget that plant if you tried it! I love the names that people gave to plants and how they came about, this one is definitely descriptive. Another great illustration.

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