A shoe belonging to The Daughter. I think I am discovering the beauty of shoes late in life. However, completely unable to walk in high heels, I would have to collect them and display them in glass boxes as artworks. Better still, I think I’ll just paint them.


3 thoughts on “Dangerous

  1. I agree with you… I can see people at the street with these high heels, they can’t walk… but some people I can see they can even run with them… This should be a kind of talent, like ballerina… 🙂 Thanks and Love, nia

  2. i’m with nia – i was always in awe that SJP as carrie could run in skyscraper heels in sex and the city… but SJP trained as a dancer…
    and like you, i think heels are for display purposes only – or to draw… i just love my manolo blahnik book of shoe sketches 🙂
    lovely illustration btw x

  3. yup add me to the list of love the shoes can’t wear them. But my daughter has to point them out, so she could wear them. When she gets ol enough to do so. Like in a hundred years or so.
    Love the illustration too.

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