What to wear?

The Daughter’s final degree show (graphic design) is coming up, and I was feeling stumped as to what on earth to wear. The brief was to look smart, but not too dressy. In other words, to avoid being An Embarrassing Parent.

So I put the teal green shirt on a hanger as my starting point and put an outfit together on paper. I think it will fit the bill, and even if it doesn’t, I had fun playing with inks and watercolours and discovered that my shirt is Mayan Blue (Daniel Smith watercolours) …

There may have to be a Plan B, as I will only be able to get into the navy linen trousers if I live on half a grapefruit for a week, or there is a miracle. Or indeed some combination of those two possibilities.


4 thoughts on “What to wear?

  1. what a fun spread! but i don’t envy your predicament… to me, the main thing is to be warm and comfy – with a nod to smartness if required 🙂

  2. Hope your daughter does well, thank god exams are all nearly over my son is about to implode 🙂

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