Red snapper

We are a family united by a love of food, it occured to me just now. Yesterday, The Daughter came home, and decided that she wanted to bake. She had missed having the time to cook in recent weeks as she’d been finishing her studies, and yes, it was definitely baking time. Her ambitious project? A wheat-free version of a Bakewell Tart, topped with fresh raspberries. Having not made pastry since Home Economics lessons at school, she was slightly nervous. (She needn’t have been; it is delicious.)

The Husband also decided to bake. He wanted to get ahead of the game, as The Daughter’s Boyfriend is joining us today for a dinner. So he started making this wonderful Italian Orange Rice Cake. He’s made it before, so we can recommend it (but think the rice pudding bit takes about 35 minutes, rather than the stated 25.) The recipe states that you can eat it for breakfast. Take it from me, you can.

So in the midst of all this baking activity, I realised that I had better make an actual meal. So the three of us performed an impressively choreographed ballet around the kitchen, and somehow managed to leave the place clean and clear at the end of it all. A good rehearsal for tonight’s dinner with The Boyfriend there too. He will need sustenance following his company’s team-building sports event this afternoon. A fishy paella is on the menu. Which is what made me think of painting the beautiful red snapper above.

Oh, and The Son? Well his love of food is demonstrated daily by eating whatever is put in front of him (and the contents of the fridge).


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