Apparently, yesterday was The British Summer. I believe the temperature tottered up to around 20 degrees. As I looked out of the kitchen window, I spotted this blackbird taking advantage of the sun. He had picked a prime position on top of a hedge, sheltered by lime green laurel leaves splashed with yellow. His beak slightly open, seemingly in a state of bliss, he stayed still long enough for me to grab a camera and zoom in.

Sadly, I suspect he might not be around for long in this neck of the woods. We have a pair of resident sparrowhawks who are terrifying the local bird community. The gigantic female perched on a flowerpot yesterday evening. I raced for the camera, only to find the battery dead. Now that I’ve recharged it and left it by the kitchen window, you can bet she won’t appear today. Perhaps I should leave the camera there permanently?

Update: And right on cue, the female sparrowhawk decided to sunbathe too. Beautiful, but deadly.


9 thoughts on “Sunbathing

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