Putting Yorkshire on the map

I find it interesting that having never been particularly interested in sport, and never particularly attached to my birthplace, the Olympics have brought me out in a rash of enthusiasm.

I discovered that my home county of Yorkshire seems to have given birth to no fewer than 10 of our medalllists so far.

Perhaps it is our gritty, Northern temperament. Perhaps it is the cold climate. Perhaps it is something in the water. Whatever it is, I appear to have been blessed with very little of its effects, having as much aptitude for sport as a Yorkshire teabag. However, having witnessed the amazing performance of heptathlon winner, Jessica Ennis in the stadium, and having watched the Brownlee brothers on TV last night, I am envious of the secret ingredient in their Yorkshire blood. ‘Eee bah gum’*, as they say in my home county.

*Apparently this is a ‘minced oath’, meaning ‘By God’ but without swearing in front of your granny.


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