Magpie feather

I expect to be seeing a few more of these in the garden as Team Sparrowhawk continues its reign of terror, swooping and diving on anything that moves. I was reading Dominic Couzens’ book over the weekend, and he puts it very well:

If sparrowhawks were human, they would drive fast cars and live life hard. Theirs is a life full of daring, full of risk and recklessness. It has high rewards and heavy consequences … With its sights set unerringly on following a moving target, the hunter is looking through tunnel vision, with its surroundings blurred. It is, perhaps, equivalent to a cat-and-mouse chase on a human road, where the participants temporarily forget their safety and sanity in the intoxicating thrill of the pursuit.

Couzens goes on to add that this tunnel vision has led to sparrowhawks flying in through open doors to a house and getting trapped inside rooms. Never have the doors been so firmly locked.


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