Redwing revisited

In looking at various reference books and images for redwings, I came across a beautiful birding blog by John, who is based in Cambridgeshire. I asked his permission to use his lovely photo of a redwing as a basis for a drawing, and he kindly agreed.

Photo JHP Saunders © 2010

I added in a hawthorn branch from a tree in my garden, and created the image below.

Many thanks John for letting me use your photo as a reference. If you love birds, take a look at the stunning pictures over on John’s Hedgeland Tales blog.


4 thoughts on “Redwing revisited

  1. Gorgeous! I love how the simple lines communicate such detail.

    I kept thinking a balloon was part of your drawing – as I scrolled down the page, it appears just to the right of your bird, but I realized it was from the banner.

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