Purple reign

I seem to be going through a purple phase. Perhaps it’s because autumn appears to have arrived, and I’ve been reaching in the wardrobe for darker colours again. Perhaps it’s because the homes and gardens type magazines I read are full of purple. The food magazines are positively dripping with damsons, plums, blackberries and figs.

Anyway, the colour seems to have seeped into my subconscious, and yesterday morning I found myself treating myself to a little bouquet of agapanthus and lilies. I also found myself later on in the garden centre impulsively buying an agapanthus which is now sitting in a cobalt blue pot right outside my window. I can’t stop looking at it, willing it to produce some more of those stunning little jewel-like flowers.

So it was only natural that I drew one of the stems this morning.


2 thoughts on “Purple reign

    • Thank you Gabriella. I’m turning my drawings and paintings into card and stationery designs right now, ready for my Folksy and etsy shops. (Just waiting for PayPal to upgrade my account so I can receive payments.) I’ll be developing designs to go on textiles, ceramics etc a little further down the line. Exciting times 🙂

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